Greece Holiday Tour

As a reward for finally graduating from college, my parents presented me with the gift of a Greece Holiday. We, meaning our family of four, were all going together on the dream vacation of a lifetime! This would be the first time we’d vacationed as a family in years, which would make our holiday tour of Greece extra-special. Half the fun was in the planning. We each got to pick an island in the Ionian group that we’d most like to see. My mom chose Athens because we’d be landing there first anyway, and she’d always wanted to visit the Propylea, the Parthenon and the Acropolis. My dad chose Kefalonia due to its quiet, rustic ambience, and my brother chose Corfu most likely because he could spell it. I picked Zakynthos. To me, the name itself has a certain mystique, and the beaches look spectacular. Now, our mission is make this monumental Greek Holiday Tourhappen!Fortunately, my dad works with a guy who travels to Greece a lot. He told my dad about this online travel agency that specializes in Greece holiday tours and Greek Island-Hopping excursions. So, my mom went online and made arrangements. It was so simple! The travel experts inquired as to what we wanted to see and do, how much time we could spend and our budget constraints. Bingo! They handled everything from our airline tickets to limousine service, hotel reservations tickets to museums and other activities, to vehicle rental, transfers and even breakfast each morning. The online agency even set us up with an English-speaking guide and driver!

Twelve days and eleven nights in the gorgeous Ionian Islands! Could a Greece Holiday Tour possibly be more exquisite? I doubt it. It was a vacation I will never forget.

Thank you, Greece Tour Experts!