Holidays in Greece

Imagine spending the Greek Orthodox Easter holiday in Greece! The climate is lovely during that time of year—neither too hot nor too cold–as Easter always falls in the spring. Mother Nature is at her finest; therefore, it’s the ideal time to experience the realGreece during its most significant holiday.I wonder which city would be best to celebrate the Easter holidays in Greece. Then I remembered the online travel gurus I consulted the last time I went to Greece! These trustworthy folks know everything there is to know about Greece and the Greek Islands.  Who better to ask than the experts?

After much conversation and consideration, the destination of my Greek Orthodox Easter Holidays in Greece had been decided. I would spend nine glorious days of touring Athens, Crete and Rhodes. As usual, the Aces of Aegean Travel handled all the arrangements: airline tickets, limousine service, rental cars, and hotel reservations. Everything came together like clockwork, but by now I’ve come to expect nothing less from my Grecian travel gurus.

And now, off to my wondrous Holiday in Greece!

Athens, as always, was a delight. This time though, I went on a guided tour which showed me the very best Athens has to offer: The Syntagma Square, Omonia Square, The Temples of Zeus and Athena Nike. Fabulous! The next leg of my Easter Holidays in Greece found me on the island of Crete. The Orthodox Easter observance was at times festive and sometimes solemn; Good Friday is an example. There is something quite remarkable about this day. In Heraklion on Good Friday evening, The Procession of the Epitaphs in the city’s center is indeed moving. The fragrant aroma of rosewater permeates the streets, the melancholy rhythmic beat of the drums from Heraklion’s band, and the citizens dressed in traditional the men and women dressed in traditional attire each conspired to create an unforgettable Easter holiday in Greece. It was also a truly different way of experiencing Easter itself, and Crete.